Laki-laki yang memperlakukan kekasihnya dengan lembut pasti dibesarkan oleh wanita yang berkelas. Orang tua yang kasar akan membesarkan anak yang kasar kepada pasangannya. Berkenalan dengan orang tua kekasih bukanlah tanda akan melamar, tapi untuk mengenal kualitas pendidik anaknya.

15 Apr 2013


On this page, I will explain a little about the articles contained on this blog in detail. I aim to make this page to prevent misunderstandings between the article this blog with another blog article. Most articles that are here is a copy of the results of several other blogs. However, we are responsible for the delivery of articles from other blogs to put the source link listed at the end of each article you read. We use the system click on the link and not the verbal system (except wikipedia), so the visitor will click on the link to the URL of the copy of this blog. Thus, the results of copying articles from other blogs will get the added bonus of the visitors of this blog.

Artikel Original

However, there are also some articles that are here are also original and not just copy it. You can see the characteristics of the copy and the original article, which I did not give the source link at the bottom of the original article. This article includes Disclaimer. We also made a difference to all the copies that exist in this blog article, the Source and Reference. My only source pairs if the results of the existing copy of the whole article on other blogs, while. I plug reference if the result is not a whole copy of the blog or only partially, and the rest is original results. Disclaimer Hopefully with this information, I hope it will not happen any misunderstanding and negative sense. Umpteen..

!! Our Commitment !!

We will always maintain the quality and cleanliness of this blog as well as possible to give you the joy of reading and listening-arikel the content of the article is here, but we will always be committed to always be honest in a situation to copy articles from other blogs by giving a link of origin article that we copy. I am a person who is open, when you are here there is an article that we have a copy, but you do not agree with the article that we copy in this blog, please you send a removal request via the guest book is available beside the blog. But, if you agree to copy the article in this blog, I thank you very much.  In addition we are committed in terms of articles, we also remain committed to the visitors who have come to this blog that we will make every effort possible to make visitors feel comfortable and feel good to read the contents of the article is here. By the way:
  • This blog will always compress at all times.
  • Will always serve the visitor request.
  • Will always make a useful gadget.
  • Will always make a useful article.
  • Will always be the best fix errors in this blog.
  • We will always apologize if any content or gadget that smells negative.
We strive to be the best.


Regards - Hilbram Kurniawan Saputra - Admin.

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